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Groovy Nightwing, Dustin Nguyen

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favourite comic book artistsJH Williams III

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Batman and Robin Adventures #8

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Then there’s a point where it spills over into real physicality and he drags the Joker across the table. […] What I felt was really important creatively for the scene was that we show Batman going too far. We show him effectively torturing someone for information because it’s become personal. 

Christian and I had talked a lot on “Batman Begins” about finding a moment in that film where you actually worry that Batman will go too far. A moment where his rage might spill over and he would break his rules. We never found that moment. It just wasn’t there in that story.  […] What the Joker provides in the second film is the fact that his entire motivation is to push people’s buttons and find their rules set and it turn it on itself. And Batman of course places such importance on his rules, his morals. It’s what distinguishes him, in his mind, from a common vigilante. The Joker is able to twist him around and make him question his own approach and his own actions.” Christopher Nolan (x)

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"why do you only show half your face in snapchats?"


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The healthiest relationship in comics or TV.
Art by Bruce Timm (pencils/inks) & Rick Taylor (colors)
Words by Paul Dini

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