Oh Puddin'

The only thing I have learned from Batman:

Bruce: LOOK! An angsty orphan child!!! I must make them my new Robin
Alfred: Um... Mr. Wayne are you sure you want to do that because you hav-
Bruce: I am the night, Alfred!!! I must have them!!! *whispers* I am the night
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Title: Bitter and Sick
Artist: One Two
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come on and break me down
i’ll let you ruin my day
flow through my veins
i need a fix
bitter and sick

bitter and sick | one two 

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that’s a little inconsistent, you say, with my image as a bad girl. the kindness doesn’t mesh with the cruelty. how can i be nasty and nice? you just can’t figure me out?

what can i say? i’m a cat.

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Let’s face it, if Marvel owned Wonder Woman she’d have two movies by now.

Yeah, just like Black Widow and Captain Marvel right ? :)

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- Batman and Robin 25


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Name: Jason Todd
Birthdate: August 16
Sun Sign: Leo, the Lion

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